What I want out of EDUC639

I am always looking for ways to stay current.  I am aware that the use of social media is impacting all aspects of students’ lives, and the mental models and expectations that social media creates in young learners is likely (I believe) to have as great an impact upon their future information-seeking behaviors as Google did for the last generation of students.  Therefore, I hope that this course will provide me with a deeper understanding of the popular social networking tools that my students are using, such as Twitter and Facebook, but also expose me to lesser-known, or emerging tools.

Of course, knowing about the tools doesn’t mean that one can use them effectively!  Therefore, my second hope is that this course will provide good opportunities to critically think about the tools and their affordances and constraints in the classroom environment.  I am also interested in the idea of social media for personal productivity.

I consider myself a cautious enthusiast for social media.  While I enjoy pinning, Facebooking, and lurking on Twitter, I am always a bit iffy about creating yet another site that will leave my tracks all over the internet.  (I’m a bit of a stickler for privacy!)  I also do not have a smart phone, which I have found to be a major barrier in turning many of these tools into truly useful, constant companions that I imagine they are meant to be.

… and now that I have undoubtedly made myself out to be a dowdy old gal who only dips one toe in the water at a time, I will end by saying that I am really very interested in jumping in and trying things out in this class!


3 thoughts on “What I want out of EDUC639

  1. Hi Meg!
    So excited to see you are taking this class!!
    I love the way you set up your wordpress site.
    I share many of the feelings that you mention in your blog entry here –
    For me – Some of the anxiety relates to the immediacy of some of these social media tools. I feel like I need space and time to make sure I don’t make mistakes – and these tools make everything so public…But, I feel in some ways that I have no choice but to figure some of this out – because – I don’t think they are going to go away –
    See you in class!

  2. Hi Meg,
    Looks like we share some of the same reservations when it comes to using social media on a personal level. I figured it was time for me to take the plunge! It took me a while before I made the leap to a smartphone, but I must say it’s been nothing short of lifechanging (having information available at your fingertips 24/7). Looks like my next quest is figuring out how to share/source information more efficiently. Looking forward to the journey!


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