The Meg Grotti ‘Brand’

This week, we were tasked with considering our online footprint as an individual ‘brand’ in competition with myriad others for online attention.   Seeing as my Klout score is only a 10, I guess I have a lot of work to do, despite my rather large (read:  4-5 pages of accurate Google results) digital footprint.

The reading by Tom Peters said the following when considering how to create an online ‘brand’:  “Ask yourself:  what do I do that adds remarkable, measurable, distinguished, distinctive value?”  I decided to let this question guide me as I made changes to my page and my blog this week.  Here is a snapshot of the page at the start of this class:

I had initially wanted to show something a bit more personal.  However, it was clear from the readings that ‘branding’ is a professional endeavor, meant to cultivate those weak ties that can lead to professional collaborations and opportunities, and so I decided to re-envision the page as such.    Here is the new page:


After viewing the linkedin video, I wanted to add a professional head shot of myself to this page.  Unfortunately, the only such photos that I have are property of the University, so I steered clear of that for fear of copyright repercussions.  I added a generic picture of myself which hopefully provides a human aspect without being too cutesy or personal.  More importantly, I re-wrote the biography section to emphasize what fires me up professionally and which I think makes me stand out a bit.  I  hearkened to Peters’ advice to “Ask yourself: what have I accomplished that I can unabashedly brag about” by adding a section I call “Bragging Rights” which lists a few of the professional projects I am most proud of.

The blog also received a facelift just for practice, although I do not plan to use it beyond this class.  To create consistency for this ‘brand’ across online arenas, I added an widget to the blog that will allow the bio to be displayed on the blog.  I also changed the theme to something a bit more standard and less whimsical.

After having explored the importance of profiles on Twitter last week, I also updated my Twitter profile and bio.


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