Meme Time!

I was absolutely thrilled to tackle this week’s project, and I’m a little surprised at where it took me.  I hope that everyone will forgive me as I take a slight step away from my usual academic-ish tone this week.

I meant to do something really inspirational, and as I was thinking about this, a number of different messages flew through my head.  One common educational message that everyone involved in helping students to conduct research must stress is to leave yourself enough time to adequately conduct your research.  Additionally, we are always encouraging students to come to the desk to ask questions– no question is too large or too small, after all.  One message that we (perhaps) don’t always get across quite so well is that librarians are meant to (metaphorically, of course) teach you how to fish.  Not catch your dinner for you, fry it up nicely and offer it up along with a suitable wine accompaniment.   

While I was thinking about all of this, I happened upon a deliciously irreverent Tumblr blog called Librarian Problems.  (Be warned that this site is not for the humorless or the faint of heart).  the site presents common frustrations that those in the library field encounter.  Each scenario or frustration is told via a gif or a series of gifs.  Sadly, I got sucked into this cynical (and very funny) world and could not manage to get back to my original idealistic intentions.  I decided to take heart in lesson number five from Five Things You Need to Know about Visual Storytelling in Social Media, which stated “Don’t shy away from the lighter side of visual storytelling’.  So, taking inspiration from Librarian Problems, I decided to swirl up common information literacy lessons with one of my biggest pet peeves… the checked-out student who seems to think the librarian will just do the research for him or her. 

I explored a few gif-makers online, but in the end decided to go with a simple picture meme.  I’m not sure it is quite as effective as some of the gifs can be, but I think it adequately makes the point.

So, without further ado, here’s my first meme:


I look forward to seeing everyone’s memes and hearing your feedback!


3 thoughts on “Meme Time!

  1. Meg , really liked your work and meme! You are correct regarding research and the time it takes to do it right. My students do a sepsis reserch paper this semester – it is due next week. Do you think that anyone has started yet?

  2. Love your meme. So true. My mom is a librarian, and has been for nearly 30 years, so I can understand this. I also found myself sucked into the Librarians Problems Tumblr blog. I even had to figure out what “WHEN I CATCH SOMEONE BROWSING 613.96” referred to. That meme is indeed ideal for 613.96

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