A Sort-of update

Dr. Piatt, Jack’s neurosurgeon, stopped by.  He used the words “benign” and “non-malignant” when describing the initial information that we have on the tumor.  All signs are pointing to a big, very scary surgery on Thursday.  However, the final pathology results are not yet in, and we are waiting for Dr. Walter, the oncology doctor, to stop by. I am really hoping for a final diagnosis today, but initial impressions are encouraging… 


16 thoughts on “A Sort-of update

  1. David L. Langenberg

    That’s really encouraging news, Meg. Hope the surgery goes well on Thursday. That little guy has plenty of support.

  2. Hi Meg and family, I totally agree with Denise and couldn’t have said it any better! I have asked everyone I know to pray for you all and to send all the love, strength, light, courage and positive thinking they possibly can! People who don’t know you and your family are pulling for you with all they have. That is powerful and amazing and I wish I could show you just how many of my friends and family are pitching it to help you all get through this!

  3. Marlene

    Oh Meg, we have all been praying very hard and are hopeful that things will start turning positive. This sounds like a light on this difficult journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire family wishing you courage, hope, and strength. So many people are praying here in CT for Jack. You are an amazing mom. With much love, Marlene

  4. Michelle Lin

    That is a good sign. I hope everything goes well for all of you. Best wishes to you and your family!! And come on jack we have faith in you. You can do this!!!

    1. Ruth Gaffey

      Thank you dear dear friends
      Pray especially hard on Thursday for jacks strength and safety and for God to give Dr Piatt everything he needs to be able to operate safely on our beloved Jack.
      Love to you all
      Nana Ruth

  5. Sue Foster

    Meg, thank you for taking the time to give updates. You and your whole family are in our prayers and we are sharing your news with our prayer warriors. Wishing you strength, peace, and courage…

  6. Lidia

    Benign is a beautiful word in our medical field! Yay, Jack! We are all rooting for him and prayers to all of you and family on this difficult journey. Keep fighting tough guy! Much love from all of us.

  7. WHAT?!?! Oh my God, he actually uttered the words “benign” and non-malignant?” If that is the way it turns out, how fantastic! I know, big scary surgery hurdle still to be crossed, but for it to not be cancerous would be beyond wonderful. So – still hedging, but looking more optimistic. I’ll take it!

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