Jack Bounces Back In True Jack Style – a word from Dad

Thanks everyone for coming along on our journey this far.  I just wanted to give a quick update.  Dr. Piatt stopped by briefly to see Jack this evening and let us know he would be checking in with us tomorrow.  I can’t express how grateful we are to him for saving our son’s life twice.  He was explaining to us how a different nerve is used to open the eye and another is used to close the eye.  He said Jack would likely be able to open his right eye, but not close it.  We all looked over at Jack and he proceeded to close his right eye — more than once!  While it is still to early to tell if he truly has control of his eyelid, it was certainly a heartening sight, and more proof that Jack knows how to Bounce Back.


19 thoughts on “Jack Bounces Back In True Jack Style – a word from Dad

  1. Peg and Pat

    Praying for the whole family, and especially for Jack. Our thoughts are with you always and we have hopes that that little guy will prove all the predictions to be wrong. Love to everyone !

  2. Vicki and Fred Keogh

    What a little fighter! Hugs and prayers from Wisconsin. Thank you for all the up-dates. Jack is amazing and so are his Mom and Dad. (And Sam too!)

  3. Audrey

    So happy to hear how well you are all dealing with things, and how Jack is doing. Thank you both for keeping these updates coming!

  4. Mucho prayers and good vibes have certainly come Bounce Back Jack’s way! What a perfect name! There are many more prayers and vibes to go! Love the news!

  5. Elizabeth Zalonski

    Bounce Back Jack you are such a fighter, way to go! You’ve got an extraordinary family to take care of you when you come home, Sam will be so happy to have his brother home.So proud of you Jack and your amazing medical team!!

  6. Sonya Wulff

    Miracles abound! So many of us were in the “larger waiting room” with you today…thank you.

    Scott and I know and love your mom, Ruth, from her incomparable work as the Children’s Librarian (and soooo much more) here in Wallingford, CT… and now we feel like we know you and your children, thanks to this blog. Sam and Jack couldn’t have a more loving, supportive, attentive family. There is song called “Nine Voices” by the band Yes. I love the whole song, but one line says, “Each child is born for greatness, with Forces that surround them.” That line has been with me all day.
    All our love… on the road (and in the swamp, if necessary), Sonya and Scott Gray-Wulff.

  7. Jill Gaffey

    Oh, BRAVO Jack! You are just going to continue to amaze us with your fighting spirit, aren’t you! We are so proud of you! Keep up the good work!
    Aunt Jill

  8. Megan Oakleaf

    You have the most amazing little boy. I’ve been reading Meg’s posts and everyone’s replies trying to get a handle on the situation…and Jack is already defying expectations. 🙂 So thrilled to hear it.

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