On helping… a note to our friends

Hi, everyone:

After reading the last update, I’m sure you are all realizing, as we are, that Jack’s road is going to be a long and uncertain one, and that our family is going to need a lot of support.  I feel comfortable posting this online, since legions of you have rushed forward to offer assistance.  We have been humbled, truly, but the love that surrounds us.  And yes, we are going to need your help.  We may need your help, patience, and understanding for many years.

My dear friend Meghann has offered to create and manage a site for us which will allow us to schedule meal drop-offs a few nights a week for a while.  I will post that link on the blog early next week when it is created.  It will also allow me to communicate other things that we might need help with, like the occasional errand or grocery run.  Since many of you would like to help in other ways, particularly those of you who are not local, it also has a spot for gift card suggestions.  However, please note that while Jack is in the hospital with his needs being met, we are in pretty good shape just with meal help and the occasional errand.  When Jack comes home and needs specialized care, we will need help again, and we don’t know yet what that might look like.  Fundraising?  Babysitting Sam?  Meals?  I just don’t know yet.  It could be a lot of things.

As for visiting, right now, Jack is in such a delicate state that I really don’t want many people coming into his room.  I’m so afraid of infection right now, given the high risks for pneumonia, blood infections (thanks to his drain) and worse, that I hope you all will understand why we haven’t rushed to embrace everyone’s offers to visit.

That said, it’s great to see familiar faces, so for those of you that are local, I think we will work out a way to have visits (at least with me and maybe John) at the hospital cafeteria, very soon.  The food isn’t great, but it’s okay, and seeing all of you will keep us sane, and will keep Jack’s room germ-free.  Stay tuned, more info coming early next week on that.

Did our lives’ journey put us in Delaware just so that Jack could be next to Nemours when this thing happened?  Or was it because it allowed us to meet so many of you and have the amazing support that you have already given us?  I don’t know, but we are a very, very lucky family.  Thank you all.

UPDATE:  My mom, Ruth, (Nana) wanted me to express also to our local friends how much she appreciates that everyone has rallied around her and Sam on the home front.  Thank you for taking her under your wing and giving her a community in Delaware.  Thank you to Mom’s Connecticut crew as well, for lifting her up with your constant support and words of encouragement.


11 thoughts on “On helping… a note to our friends

  1. John Green

    I understand that Jack will need to be hospitalized for an extended period of time, but let me know if there are any home modifications that may need to be made in the future. I would be happy to assist in anyway possible to make life easier for all of you.
    John Green.

  2. Meg, John, and Ruth: Just a logistical FYI. John and I and Susan Davi are making some food today for you so that if/when we do get hit by the latest storm on Monday you will already have something on hand. This was Matwichuk’s suggestion. Since she and Chad will be in Newark tonight (Saturday), they will take delivery of the food and then get it to you.

    1. Carolyn Grant

      Hi Meg. I have been following your journey….my heart aches for you and John…..I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. Duffy and I visit A I every other Tuesday morning. We are not authorized to visit any inpatient rooms but wander around all the outpatient areas on the first floor……Maybe we could arrange to meet……My prayers are with you and John…..
      Carolyn Grant

  3. Megan

    I know it is small, but Lucas will continue to hand his clothes down to the boys – a little pressure off shopping for one thing. 🙂 he is very into superheroes these days, so it is fitting that Jack is one too. And of course, we are here to do anything else that we can – just say the word. Thinking of you all and sending hugs. Xoxo

  4. Ruth Gaffey

    If anyone wants to help brighten Jacks room please send E cards through Nemours hospital or send to Meg’s house.

    Thanks Nana

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    1. Ruth,
      Please send me Meg and John’s address . We’d like to send them an edible arrangement since we aren’t nearby to bring them meals as well as some cards, etc. to brighten Jack’s room. Thanks so much dear friend, Bobbie Borne (bobbieborne@gmail.com)

    2. Sharon Cerasoli

      Hi Ruth! You are all in my thoughts and prayers…so glad you are down in Delaware to help…little did you know when you retired, how very much you would be needed, in so many ways!! I saw Meg’s post and hope to donate a gift card, when she sets that up…Lots of love and I have put you all on several prayer lists, including my friend’s orthodox church in Serbia!!
      thinking of you,

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