Hi, everyone:

I promise a longer update soon, but wanted to assure everyone that Jack is alright after his shunt surgery. Because Jack has been through so many more dangerous surgeries than this one, I completely underestimated the extent to which the shunt surgery would impact Jack. The shunt runs from a whole new incision on his left side, down his neck, under his collarbone, and then across his chest, ending on the right side of his belly. (This cross-chest move was done because Jack’s feeding tube is on the left.) Jack has been in a LOT of pain following the procedure. However, he is otherwise fine, and we are working on calibrating his pain meds appropriately to give him some relief. I have been tied up reading stories and singing songs and trying hard to keep jack calm and assured that someone who loves him is always nearby.

Hopefully there will be more to report soon. thanks for your patience everyone!


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  1. Bob Totz

    So glad you can hold your boy again, and continuing to pray for his healing and comfort.
    You two are the most awesome parents!

  2. lrjm

    My prayers are for relief of pain and with gratefulness that your family may hold and hug your precious boy again. There’s a world of comfort in your arms. love, Rebecca

  3. John - Jack's dad

    I got to hold Jack for the first time in almost three weeks! He is very uncomfortable but settled in for a 2 hour nap in my arms. It was like being a new Dad again, I just couldn’t stop staring at his sleeping face. I have to go back to work tomorrow and its killing me, but i left tonight with Jack in Meg’s arms so I know he will be alright.

    1. sharon cerasoli

      wonderful news, John! I worked for your MIL Ruth at Wallingford Library, and am following Jack’s progress via your wife’s blog…You are all in my thoughts and prayers, and I am so glad you were able to hold your precious boy!!
      He is a fighter for sure, keeping you all in our thoughts, here in CT…

  4. Paige

    Thanks for the update! You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope his pain meds get stabilized and he has some relief. You are one awesome, tough mama!! Hugs to you all!

  5. Megan Oakleaf

    I can just imagine you putting on quite a song and dance routine to keep Jack distracted from the discomfort as much as possible. I’d like to recommend Mahna Mahna from the Muppet Show. It’s a real show stopper at our house.


    1. Megan- Mahna Mahna is a family favorite in the Grotti household as well! While I’d like to say that is because the boys love it so, I think it’s really their mother who gets all excited when it comes on. 🙂

  6. Teresa Kristan

    Dear Grottis, My niece Hannah’s shunt is now the same age as she is, meaning 26 and one half years old! Love, Teresa Kristan

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