March 23 – Jack is Working Hard!

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.” –Maria Montessori

Here’s Jack, working hard at playing. I’m super excited by the progress he has made this weekend tracking with his eyes. He has also rediscovered how to play with both hands. As you can see in the video, his coordination is far from perfect, but what a change! His limbs were frozen in position and barely responsive just 2.5 weeks ago.

Tomorrow we have two exciting things going on. First a laryngoscopy to look at Jack’s voice box and get a better sense of the extent of the throat paralysis, and then a small bedside surgery to remove his central line! We are so excited to see at least one of Jack’s accessories removed, and along with it, that particular infection risk. The laryngoscopy is also exciting, as it will give us some valuable insight as to Jack’s potential for speech. I hope to update tomorrow after the procedures to let everyone know what we learned.


8 thoughts on “March 23 – Jack is Working Hard!

  1. Pat Lesniczak

    So happy he is showing that he is “bounce back Jack”. I look forward to your blogs. Best wishes.

  2. From Dad ("Da" to Jack)

    Jack continues to amaze us. Did I see an ever-so-subtle movement of his head from right to left? If so, that is huge. I am so hopeful and proud of our brave little guy. Go Jack!

  3. George

    Jack looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing the video. We’re all hoping you hear hopeful news tomorrow from the laryngoscopy.

  4. Peg and Pat

    Dear Meg and Family, So happy to see the video of that beautiful baby! We are keeping good thoughts of the best for Jack, and are so glad that he is making good progress. We look forward to your very informative blogs. Please say hi to your Mom for me., Love to all!

  5. Cathy

    Oh Meg, it is wonderful to hear good news after a quiet week of healing. ( I suppose you have figured out that we all panic when there is no news.) Jack looks darling as usual. It is so hard to absorb all that has happened. Love and hugs to all of you. Cathy

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