May 6th… So much going on!

The boys are back together again!

ImageThis week, we had the awesome opportunity to see Sam and Jack together, and to have our family all in one blessed place for a little while.  The reunion itself was a little rough at first.  Sam was definitely not his usual happy self, perhaps because hospitals are scary, or perhaps because it was getting close to dinner time and he was out of his element.  Quite frankly, he screamed bloody murder much of the time.  It made Jack cry.  But after a while, and with enough parental goofiness, we managed to get the boys to interact a bit more calmly.  Sam ripped the pacifier right out of Jack’s mouth and claimed it as his own.  Jack grinned at his brother.  He hasn’t seen another child in 3 months, and he just drinks in every opportunity for interaction. The picture above was taken today, when Mom brought Sam back for a second (more calm) visit.

Now that John and I have completed our supervised family care session, in which we successfully provided all of Jack’s care for twenty-four hours under the supervision of the nursing staff, things are falling into place.  Jack’s discharge is still planned for this Monday, May 12th, and there is much to do between now and then.  John and I will have many meetings, equipment deliveries, final trainings, car seat inspections, and other logistical hurdles to handle this week.  But we have an amazing group of people who are feeding us, helping us with crazy errands (sorry about that, Chad) and helping us with more long-term concerns, as well, so I think we will get it all done.

This brings me to the Bounce Back Jack pasta supper benefit.  I want to let all of you who have been following this journey know that a fundraising event for Jack will be happening in Wallingford, CT on May 21st, at the school where my father teaches.  Many wonderful communities within my home town (Lyman Hall High School, Holy Trinity School, the Wallingford Public Library and others) are joining their considerable forces of kindness and generosity to organize and host the event.  All proceeds from the dinner will go to helping us to cover the medical and ancillary expenses that fall through the cracks of our insurance coverage.  Full information about the benefit and the fundraising effort can be found on this flyer.  If you are a Connecticut reader, I think that this will be a lot of fun, and there will definitely be good food, since Michael’s Trattoria is catering!  Hope you can make it!

Once again, I must close this entry with a message of thanks.  As I walked through the hospital earlier this week, lost in to-do lists and uncertainty, I found myself standing in a sudden flood of warm sunshine.  I looked up, realized that the light was not from the sun, but from the reflection of sunlight from the windowed wall of another hospital wing.  It brought you all to my mind, and I felt compelled to stand there a moment, thinking on the kindness that has been lavished upon us.  I can never hope to repay this kind of generosity.  Yet, I hope that I can be like the hospital window across the courtyard someday.  I may not have a light as strong as that which you all have shown me, but I hope that, in years to come, I can reflect your light onto others who need it, as they walk through their own dark hallways.

Perhaps Jack and Sam can one day do the same.


5 thoughts on “May 6th… So much going on!

  1. Elizabeth Zalonski

    Dear meg,
    I just caught up on the latest new, I’m still in awe of what Jack has accomplished in these last few weeks. I know there have been many ups and downs but like everything else we all just do what needs to be done. I love the pictures of the two boys, they are so beautiful! Hopefully all will go as planned for Jack to come home on Monday, what a great MOTHER’S DAY gift this will be for you.
    Peg,Jean Kobrin and myself plus some other friends are already planning on getting a table at the benefit, anything we can do to help we will do. Bless you all, Love, Betty Z.

  2. Carolyn Grant

    Hi Meg, I am so happy to hear the good news. Duffy and I have spent the last year at A. I. visiting all the outpatient departments hoping to see you and Jack. Now that you will soon be discharged, perhaps we will see you when you return for follow-up visits….. I can’t tell you how great it is to see the boys together…warm and fuzzy inside….
    Carolyn Grant

  3. Loved this picture of the two boys together and the wonderful news that the homecoming is on schedule! For those of us who may not be able to go to the fundraiser, where would you like donations mailed? Thank you!
    Becky Anderson

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