Discharge Day!!!!

This is part one of a two-part post.  I hope to complete it later tonight, when Jack is home.  We were supposed to be discharged yesterday, but Jack developed a fever and ear infection last week, which increased his secretions and kept him from being able to keep his 02 stats up during his mandatory car seat test.  (They plunk him in a car seat and make sure he doesn’t have difficulty breathing for an hour.)  So, today, May 13th, is the day!  Jack’s Nana went out and bought balloons, I’ve been getting his room ready, and our house has been a hub of activity, with nurses and medical equipment deliveries coming and going.  We still have a minor snafu at the pharmacy, but mostly things are on schedule.  John is at the hospital keeping “Booger” happy and sending our thanks to the wonderful staff there in 2A.  Holly, Jack’s primary nurse in 2A is with him today also, so everything is about as awesome as could be.  I’m lucky in a way to experience the unique excitement of bringing a baby home all over again.

This weekend, I got to spend some time at the hospital with my family.  All four of us together and having fun!  It was a great mother’s day present.  (Thanks, Bob, for the picture and the outing!  Thanks, also, to Mallory and Kelsey for the card.)Image

The patio outside Jack’s room was our grand destination, but for Jack, it was like being in a foreign country.  He hadn’t been outside since February 16th.  Almost three months exactly.  He ran his hands over the rough stone, looked up at the sky, watched his brother crawl all around, and smiled.

Discharge should happen in one hour!  I will update with pictures of Jack’s arrival later tonight!

UPDATE!  10p.m.  He’s HERE!!!!

IMG_0188I think this picture captures how Jack’s mommy and daddy feel about getting him back home again…

As for Jack, he tried to look cool and collected, but I think I see a smile behind that binky!

IMG_0194Thanks to the help of several folks from our medical equipment company and the nurses who were brave enough to take on Jack’s case and to help us get organized on our first day, Jack had a fantastic reintroduction to Grotti family life.  He got to enjoy a somewhat harried family dinner from the comfort of his wheelchair/stroller, played on the floor of his room, and had lots of cuddles with Mom, Dad, and Nana.  He also had a visit with Ben, and Auntie Meghann and Uncle Chad, who came to celebrate his return with us.  What fun!

Words can’t express how full my heart feels, now that my household is complete once more.  It’s so good to have him home, despite the many logistical snags, uncertainties, and confusion of the day.  Tomorrow begins our first long day of CORP… we will have ambulances picking us up along with our day nurse, bringing us to Nemours, and a long day of therapies.



11 thoughts on “Discharge Day!!!!

  1. Betty Matiskella

    Prayers do get answered! How happy I am to see Jack reuniting with the rest of his family. Home at last. I will continue to pray for your dear family. He his so cute, if I were close I’d want to squeeze him tight.

  2. Shirley Branden

    You all look just great in this photo. I hope it is going well. It’s wonderful to see all 4 of you together and out of doors!


  3. jrbi13

    Yippee!!!! That’s such terrific news!!! And now Jack can feel the sun & the breeze, see the beautiful trees & flowers in bloom, feel the tickle of the grass… what a perfect time of year for a homecoming!!!! And soon he’ll be wrestling with Sam too (well, maybe that will be a little longer 🙂
    Love the Mother’s Day picture – what a wonderful picture! Love the outfits : ) And again, if there’s anything you need or that I can do, let me know. I’m always happy to do/fold wash or show you infant massage techniques if that helps any. Lots of hugs your way! 🙂 Judith

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