Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jack and Sam.

My dear friends and readers, beware. Here there be mush. Lots of it. Stop now if you don’t want to listen to a not-so-new-anymore mom’s ramblings about how much her offspring means to her.

Okay, you have been warned. Here it is:

I have two eyes with which I see the world, and in my eyes there are two lights, and they are Sam and Jack.

Dear Jack:


Born 5 lbs, 14 ounces, you were the big twin, and the one with the big voice. You seemed to know that the time of safety was already behind you when you were born, and you howled for its loss. You’ve become our quiet twin now, but whatever your disease took, it did not diminish your sweetness, the overflowing love you give to those around you. It didn’t take away the quiet awe and curiosity with which you explore your world. It didn’t take away that intensity of purpose that you had right from your first breath. You gave me my first smile, and when you did, I was born into a new life where I learned what unconditional love is capable of, and how to fight like hell. Thank you for being here, for being you, my brave survivor.

Dear Sam:

_MG_7515Born 5 lbs, 7 ounces, you were the smallest, quietest creature I’d ever laid eyes on. I would bawl whenever I saw your impossibly small face peering out at me in the NICU, my little bird. Back then, I felt it was strange, to worry so much over a person I didn’t even know. And now, you are larger than life- a giant sized personality I could never do without. You pour sunshine into every one of our days with your shrieks of happiness, your whole-body smiles, and your zeal for life and motion. You were the first one to name me “Mama” and when you say that word sleepily as you rise to meet the day, it is like a compass to me in the shifting storm. Thanks for that, Sam. Thank you for being here, for being you, my intrepid explorer.

I hope the coming year will see a little more sleep for all of us, and a little less trauma. But, believe me, I’d put up with all that this past year has dished out, and more, for these two guys.


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. lrjm

    Love to all the extended Grotti family and happy birthday to all — it really is a birth day worth celebrating for all the wonder that comes with this anniversary. What fun to spend time with the boys at Woodside today. Your boys are just beautiful and full of happy love. God bless you all. love from the Melvins.

  2. rudisell

    I cried! What a touching tribute to two sweet boys and to motherhood! You have gotten at the essence of what it all means. Belated birthday greetings to two great little guys!

  3. Jill and Mike

    Belated birthday wishes to the Dynamic Deleware Duo! Hoping the upcoming year brings only the best to both Jack and Sam and their devoted mom, dad, and grands.
    They are already blessed with the most incredible parents (who express their love so beautifully in words and actions) so let’s add the gift of good health, steady growth, and happy minds in the coming years.

    Love to all,

    Jill, Mike, Kate and Emily

  4. Sue Foster

    Happy Birthday to two beautiful boys! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and blessings on this birthday and all the birthdays to come!

  5. Peg and Pat

    Dear Meg, Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes, not of sadness but of admiration to you and John for your strength and love. Happy birthday to your beautiful boys and my wishes for a better year to come. I have no doubt that you will continue to do all that you are challenged to do, and may God bless you both along the way. Love, Peg Arrato

  6. Maggie

    Happy Birthday to your two precious boys! Here’s hoping the journey to their second birthday is easier for all of you!

  7. Sonya Wulff

    Happy Birthday Jack and Sam!
    Thank you for sharing your letters to the boys. Your writing always inspires me, reminding me of what really matters.
    Love…Deep Love is often a verb.
    Much Love to you all on this day,

  8. Paula Kwains

    Happy Birthday to Jack & Sam! Hoping to meet all of you one day soon! Love & Hugs from Meghann’s Mom

  9. Shirley

    Happy Birthday to Jack and Sam! Loved your letters to these two, Meg, and congratulations to you and John for surviving and overcoming a year of challenges, lack of sleep, and difficulties you probably cannot even describe. You made it! Long life and health to you and your twins. Love,

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