July 28 Update and new videos

The Grotti family has been under attack from a terrible scourge– hand, foot, and mouth virus!!  John and Sam were laid low with fevers, sore throats, and painful blisters all last week.  We’re completely unsure whether or not Jack was the first one to bring this home, and is already done with it, or if he and I have just dodged the bullet. (This time…)

Because John was laid up, I had the unique opportunity to provide all of Jack’s care for several days.  I say unique because John and I usually tag-team the daily operations, so I don’t end up doing all of the day’s Jack-related tasks.  It was empowering to do all the meds, feeds, gear and vent maintenance alone and somehow avoid any major misshaps.

Jack is on a heavy-duty antibiotic which is administered through his vent called Tobramycin (AKA”Tobi”).  I have been amazed at how he has rebounded.  His 02 levels are better than I have seen them since his initial discharge from the hospital, and all he wants to do is play all day long.  He’s made leaps and bounds in his attempts at mobility.  He can now go from his belly to sitting without any real trouble, he creep/crawls backwards a few feet without issue.  He can pivot around, and even creep forward just a bit.  If you peek into his room, chances are, you will find him on all fours, rocking his body, eagerly exploring what it feels like to move.

Jack even got to go to a pretty awesome cookout this weekend.  He and I both had lots of fun.

So, all in all this week, Jack and I had lots of fun together.  Sam, while forced into quarantine with his dad, was a big help around the house  when he wasn’t causing utter havoc, that is.  Thankfully, everyone is back in their respective workplaces or daycare facilities now.  Let’s hope we’ll be virus free for a while!


4 thoughts on “July 28 Update and new videos

  1. Jill and Mike

    Wow – what amazing progress Jack is making! Meg, we think you can market the open/shut game (great vocals). And Sam is a charmer. Beautiful boys, beautiful family. May you avoid any more weird viruses in the future (thank goodness no one has hooves – you’ll definitely be safe from that one!)
    love to all –
    Jill and Mike

  2. Denise Carroll

    Those are two happy and beautiful boys there! Fingers crossed you all stay hale and hearty. 🙂 Love those smiles!!

      1. Denise Carroll

        Of course you can call!! I’ll be around all weekend so just give a ring any time you can magically find a moment. I miss you guys so much!!

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