The word CRAWLING is unappealing on the page.  It brings to mind the awkward mechanics of crustaceans moving across mudflats.  A sluggish summer highway in its miasma of fumes.  The final movements of a swift ungulate, deeply wounded.  It connotes a lack of progress, and it is the body’s pose of deepest supplication.

But not for my son.

Crawling is joy. Crawling unlocks the possibility of toys placed out of reach; provides glimpses at family life beyond the sick room, brings dressers full of mysterious textures and shapes into the full, bright blast of tactile and visual reality.  A month ago, Jack’s small, surprisingly dextrous fingers were limited to explorations of things chosen for him by well meaning caregivers.  Now they are free to explore things chosen by him.  A warm coffee cup, a chair.  Mama’s iPad. The cat.

Jack is crawling.  And by crawling I don’t mean traffic jams.  To watch Jack crawl is to watch a little boy hurtling forward at a pace unhoped for.  His halting movements are the deceptively gradual lift of the rocketship in the initial seconds of propulsion.  We are watching the moment that precedes a brilliant ascent into an impossibly big sky, into an immense future that is waiting to swallow us whole.

Three…. Two…. One…. Blast off!





7 thoughts on “Crawling

  1. rjfa53

    Meg- what a wonderful, wonderful video. What a stride forward for Jack – truly awesome. Thank you for sharing! Go Jack!

  2. Ruth Gaffey

    That’s our boy! Jack continues to inspire us all every day. Love the way he expresses his disgust tossing the dreaded soft nose wipe off the table 😉
    You guys are in for so much trouble… Jack and Sam will be combining forces soon! I’m still recovering from our visit – and can’t wait to return!
    X nana

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